Common Mistakes People Make When Repainting Their Homes And How To Avoid Them

One of the simple and affordable ways to give your home a facelift is by repainting the walls. This is because a fresh coat of paint brings life back to the walls, making the space look new. In addition, you get an opportunity to uplift the overall interior décor by changing your wall colors. That said, many homeowners view painting as an easy DIY home improvement project they can undertake during their free time. However, you should know experts take years to perfect their painting skills, and you are likely to make mistakes that could worsen the outcome. Here are some common mistakes people make when repainting their homes and how to avoid them.

Thinking All White Paint is the Same

When repainting the interiors, it is best to understand the difference between the shades of white. This is because all whites are not equal, and each comes with a unique pigment. Hence, one must assess the available options and pick the one that best complements the overall outlook of the interiors. With that in mind, if you want to create coziness, go for the warm whites. On the other hand, if you want the house to have a formal look, try cooler white hues. Note that the ideal way to tell whether a white shade will work is by putting it up against different light sources. This way, you can check how it reacts to the various light sources and pick your best choice.

Avoiding Dark Colors

Understandably, many homeowners refrain from the dark and bold wall trend because they fear the colors will make their rooms appear smaller. However, dark tones alone cannot minimize the visual appearance of the size of your home. This is because you can use light and colors to make a room appear larger. More importantly, perception depends on your choices when dealing with artificial lighting. That said, if you are unsure about the best dark colors for your home, consult an interior décor expert to help you settle on suitable shades.

Painting the Ceiling White

Many homeowners paint their ceilings white because they believe it makes their homes appear large. While this is one of the ways you can open up the space, it is not the only option. As such, you may want to experiment with colors that complement your walls.

Using Several Coats Instead of Primer

It is also problematic to start painting without priming the house. Often, people pile several layers of paint on a wall to try and replace the role the primer plays. However, the paint will adhere better to a wall when you prime it. Moreover, a primer will help you achieve smooth results compared to unnecessary coats of paint.

These are common repainting mistakes that lower the quality of your project outcome. For more information or for professional help with your painting project, call a professional house painter to handle the project.

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