3 Places You Have Your Painter Use Stencils

When you think about painting the interior of your home, you might immediately picture a single color applied to the walls of a room. While this approach is common, there are other options that you can consider and discuss with your painting contractor. One idea that can liven up any space is to have the painter use stencils. You can buy painting stencils in a variety of designs at any paint store, and then choose the two colors you want — one for the base coat and the other for the stencils. Here are three places in your home where you may want a stenciled look. 


A lot of people like the idea of livening up the walls of their bathroom. While wallpaper is one option, it can often pull away from the wall over time because of the high humidity of this part of your home. Instead, consider a stenciled design. You have the option of having your painting contractor use stencils on all of the bathroom walls, but another option is to have an accent wall with a stenciled design. Finding a stencil design that complements the decor in this room will give your newly painted bathroom a professional look.

Children's Rooms

While some people like putting wallpaper in their children's rooms, the challenge with this idea is that it's difficult and time-consuming to remove the wallpaper when your kids outgrow its design. Stencil work is a better choice. You can choose a design that appeals to your kids now, and when they get a little older in a few years, it's easy to have your contractor return and repaint the room to have a more mature look if you wish. There are lots of child-friendly stencil options available; you might wish to browse them with your kids to give them some say over how their rooms look.

Stair Risers

If you have a wooden staircase in your home, having your contractor paint it will give it a fresh, clean appearance. A popular option is to paint the treads one color and the risers a different color. Consider the value of stencil work on the risers, too. This design will add a vibrant look to the staircase. The stenciled area could appear in the same color as the treads, or you might wish to incorporate a third color into the stairs. Something iridescent, for example, can be an appealing look. Contact a service such as Diamond Painting to discuss these ideas.

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