2 Ways To Test Paint Colors Before Committing

Is there anything more frustrating than picking out a paint color and then realizing it's not what you wanted? Avoid that hassle by testing colors before you commit. Here are some ways to do that.  

Use Large Samples

Paint is one of the most important factors in creating the perfect home interior. It can completely transform a space, and it plays a major role in setting the overall tone of a room.

However, before you commit to a paint color for your walls, it's always a good idea to test it out first. Instead of painting a small patch on the wall and risking an uneven result, try using larger samples. A smaller sample won't give you an accurate idea of how the color will look in your space.

After painting a large swatch on the wall, step back and observe it from different angles. Observe the color at different times of the day. Natural light can affect how a color looks, so it's important to see how it looks in daylight and artificial light. Once you've found a color you love, you can purchase enough paint to get the job done. Using large samples is an easy way to test paint colors before making a final decision.

Try a Paint Strip

When painting your home, you need to take your time and find the perfect paint color. The last thing you want is to spend hours painting a room, only to find out that the color isn't quite what you wanted. Consider using a paint strip to avoid this complication.

A paint strip typically consists of a row of different paint colors, all in the same family. By applying a few strokes of each color to a wall or piece of paper, you can quickly get a feel for which hue you prefer. This strategy is especially helpful if you're trying to decide between two similar colors.

Another benefit of using a paint strip is that it can help you visualize how a particular color will look in your home. Paint chips can often look very different in person than in the store. Seeing the color on the actual wall can give you a better idea of whether it's the right choice for your space.

There's no need to stress about picking the perfect paint color for your home. By following these simple tips, you can easily test out different colors before making a final decision.

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