Factors To Consider When Choosing Colors For Exterior Painting

Your exterior paint colors give the first impression of your home. Your choice of color for your home says a lot about you. Therefore, it makes sense that you would want to choose colors that add life to your building. Experts in exterior decor recommend blending the paint with the building's architecture, geographical location, and the weather. You can always hire a paint contractor to help you figure out the following parts of the exterior decoration process.

Matching the Neighborhood 

Choosing a theme color similar to your neighbors should be easy if you love your neighborhood. Your exterior paint should also blend well with the landscape, driveways, or sidewalks. An experienced external painting expert should help you choose your taste, neighborhood, and landscaping.

Blending in with the Building's Architecture

Your building's architectural design will play a role in exterior color choice. Different architectural designs have their unique color theme. Although you can slightly deviate from the historical color theme, you open yourself to major architectural blunders by making deviations. For instance, Victorian designs will differ from New England designs. If you love the vintage, you may want to recreate your home's original design, including the color theme. 

The size of your house should also influence your choice of colors. Smaller houses look better with brighter colors. Bigger homes look more dignified in more natural colors. The distance of your home from the road should influence your choice. You can choose neutral and conservative tones if your home is near the road to give it a receding appearance. If your home is far from the road, brighter colors will make it stand out. Texture also matters in color choice. An experienced painting contractor will guide you in picking the feel of the paint that will give you the best outcome.

Assessing the Prevailing Weather

Your region's prevailing weather influences your home's landscape a great deal. Do you want to paint your home summer blue while your home has snow for half the year? Turquoise might come to mind if you live near a beach. On the other hand, green and brown or a blend of both would complement the woods well. You may want to consider the direction from which the sun rises as you choose. An exterior painting contractor who has worked on other houses in your neighborhood will have information on the best color combinations.

Speak to a competent exterior paint contractor about the process of repainting your exteriors. They will guide you through selection and implementation for the best outcome.

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