5 Reasons To Paint Your Building's Exterior

There are quite a few reasons why a commercial building should be repainted, and not all of them are obvious. If you aren't sure if it's time to paint your building, the following may convince you.

1. Prevent Weathering Damage

Paint is more than color on the building; it also creates a weather seal that protects wood, concrete, and masonry from the effects of weathering. Wood is especially susceptible to weathering problems like rot if it is exposed, but concrete and masonry can erode and chip. The right exterior paint acts as a sealant against moisture. You can also choose paints with protective coatings that prevent issues like sun damage. 

2. Discourage Vandalism

Graffiti can be a major issue in some areas. One way to discourage repeat graffiti is to quickly paint over any that does appear. If constant painting isn't in the budget, then consider having the building exterior painted with anti-graffiti paint. Spray paint and ink can't adhere properly to these special exterior paints, so they are quickly cleaned up. Eventually, the vandals will likely give up on your building.

3. Increase Curb Appeal

Old faded and peeling paint can make your building an eyesore, prompting potential customers to drive on past instead of pulling in. Fresh exterior paint provides an instant face lift, which is sure to catch people's eyes so that they are more likely to stop and do business with you or your building's tenants. Fresh paint can also cover other minor damages, such as chipped concrete walls, so that they are no longer an eyesore.

4. Attract New Tenants

If you have open offices or retail space in your building, one way you may be able to fill them is by providing an attractive building in which potential tenants would be proud to do business. Tenants want their business to make a good first impression, which depends greatly upon the visual appeal of the building that they work out of. A nice exterior can equate to a fully rented building, with rents at market value.

5. Improve Brand Recognition

Branding is another consideration when painting the exterior. If you run your own business out of the building or if you have a large long-term tenant in the building, it makes sense to paint the building in a manner to match the branding of the business. This means using the brand colors that are used in logos and advertising materials. You can make these colors the main exterior colors or simply use them as exterior accent colors. 

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