Five Tips For Painting Your Healthcare Waiting Area

Whether you are in charge of renovations for a large healthcare facility or a small private doctor's office, the choice of paint in the waiting room is an important consideration. The following tips can help you make the best paint choice.

1. Choose Soothing Colors

Waiting rooms can be stressful for patients and clients, so opt for soothing colors. Generally, cool colors like lighter blues and greens are the most soothing. In facilities that are meant to be more energetic, such as a physical therapy facility or pediatricians office, you can add in some warmer colors like yellow and light orange, just take care not to overdo it. The basic goal is to create a feeling of calm and patience in the room.

2. Opt for Easy-to-Clean Finishes

Skip the matte paint in a waiting room. The walls, along with every other painted surface, need to be easy to clean to cut down on germs. Opt for a glossy finish that is less likely to absorb moisture. Gloss finishes can be quickly wiped down with antibacterial cleaners to create an instantly clean surface. You don't have to go with high-gloss options to have an easily cleaned surface. Semi-gloss and satin finishes can also be wiped down with relative ease.

3. Invest In Antimicrobial Paints

There are new paints on the market for health care facilities. These paints use an antimicrobial compound to prevent the growth of certain common bacterial agents, like E.coli. This cuts down on the chances of spreading illness through the waiting room. Although antimicrobial paints may cost a bit more, they are well worth the investment if they help keep patients in your facility healthy and safe.

4. Don't Overlook Off-Gassing

Many paints produce VOCs —volatile organic compounds. The off-gassing of VOCs can take months or years. Many people, especially those with respiratory issues, suffer health issues if they must breathe in VOCs. Fortunately, there are low-VOC paints on the market that do not off-gas severely enough to affect most people. Choose both low-VOC paint and primer for use in your facility.

5. Use Paint to Manage Flow

Finally, don't overlook paint color options for managing flow and wayfinding in your waiting area. Painting the area around check-in a brighter or contrasting color, for example, draws people in the right direction the moment they enter the office.

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