Painting An Accent Wall? How To Get The Job Done

Accent walls are very trendy right now. Whether it's the use of a sponge to create a textured accent or the use of different paint colors and lines to create a beautiful mountain mural, they do need to be done correctly to prevent them from looking like a mess. To achieve a professional-looking accent wall, read on for helpful information to guide you.

Painter's Tape Is A Must

Painter's tape will give you those lines you are looking to achieve. Don't attempt to free-hand a line, unless you have a calm hand or are a professional painter yourself. Painter's tape will help you stay on your line without the paint bleeding through. Painter's tape can be found at the local hardware store or wherever paint is sold near you. It comes in a variety of widths to suit your needs and your project. Simply apply the tape, paint what needs to be painted and carefully peel the tape off.

Use Different Paint Finishes

Accent walls don't have to be done in different colors, they can be done in different finishes as well. Use a stencil and the exact same color of paint as the rest of your wall and stencil a flat finish paint or a high-gloss finish to give your walls a textured look that isn't too loud. It gives it a subtle enough difference so you have an accent wall, but it is easy on the eyes.

Try A Free-Handed Accent Design

You can try to do a free-handed accent wall, but you should have the idea of what you are looking for in your head. You can use the side of a sponge dipped in paint to paint lines on your walls, but try to keep your lines as uniform as possible. You can do the same with a paintbrush and just add paint strokes to your walls, but again, keep the lines and spacing fairly uniform.

Use A Stencil

If you are not too keen on trying a free-handed design, then try using a stenciled design. Stencils can be purchased at your local hardware store. Be sure you have more than one stencil on hand to prevent too much paint from getting onto your stencil. Simply paint the stencil with a standard paintbrush or a foam paintbrush, carefully remove the stencil, then repeat. You can do an entire wall or just a few stencils on one wall. 

If you are trying to paint an accent wall, there are a number of ways to achieve the look you want. Be sure to take your time, use painter's tape for straight lines, and keep the design uniform for a free-handed design. Hire a paint professional if you aren't sure you can do this job on your own.

For more information, contact a residential painting service.

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