Interior Paint Ideas For Your Home

If you need to freshen up the paint inside your home, then you should learn about some of the different techniques and other things that you can have done with the paint in your home to give it a great look and to accomplish different things with its looks. Here are some of the things that you might want to keep in mind when you are trying to come up with things to do with regards to your home's new paint job:

Consider two different colors for the walls

Instead of painting all four walls in the same color, you might want to think about having the walls painted two different colors. This can add more to the look of the room, and it can even make it look bigger. By painting a lighter color on the two walls that are closer together, it can give the room the appearance of the walls being further apart, and this is what will make the room seem like it is more spacious. This is something that can be helpful in a room that is on the small side.

Make sure the ceiling is lighter than the walls

If you are also going to be having the ceiling painted, make sure you choose a color that is lighter than the color you have chosen for the walls. When you have the ceiling painted in the same color as the walls or in a color that's darker than the walls, then it can make it feel as if the ceiling is lower. A lighter ceiling makes it look like the ceiling is higher.

Consider having walls painted in two colors

If you are looking for a way to liven things up a bit more in one or more of the rooms in your home, then you might want to think about having the walls painted in two tones. When this is done, approximately a quarter of the bottom portion of the wall is painted in a darker color and about three-quarters of the upper portion of the wall is painted in the lighter color. Also, a strip of trim is usually used to separate the colors from one another and to add another nice feature to the walls.


Now that you have a better idea of some of the different options you should consider for the rooms in your home, you will have a better idea of what it is that you want to go with. Contact a residential painting service if you need help.

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