Ready to Repaint Your Home? 3 Important Tricks to Know

If you are ready to repaint your home, plan out the paint job before you go and purchase paint supplies and get started. Here are a few things to know before painting. 

1. Clean the Outside of Your Home

First, you need to clean the outside of your home a few days before you paint so the outside walls have time to dry. You would not paint over a wall that has visible dirt inside of your home, and you shouldn't paint over the outside of your home when it has visible dirt on it as well. The best way to deal with the dirt on the outside of your home is to use a pressure washer to clean all the exterior walls of your home. Start at the top of each wall and work left and right, top to bottom, as you clean each wall with the pressure washer. Don't spray your windows; the spray from the pressure washer can damage your windows.

If you lack access to a pressure washer, you can use a spray attachment on your hose. As this water is not as intense, you may want to also use a scrub brush with some environmentally-friendly soap to clean things up as well. As you clean the outside of your home, be sure to remove any signs of pests activity as well, such as spider webs and wasp nests.

2. Prime the Areas That Need It

Second, you don't need to prime the entire outside exterior of your home. You only need to put primer on areas where your home is most vulnerable. For example, you should apply a primer to bare spots and exposed wood. Your entire home doesn't need primer applied as most exterior paint is designed as a combination primer and paint.

3. Use the Right Tools

Finally, be sure you are using the right tools. For large areas, use a sprayer. You can use an air compressor with a paint spray attachment to paint the vast majority of the outside of your home. Spraying is a great way to get the paint around all the little edges and corners and cover large areas. For flat areas, just use a roller brush. A roller brush works best on flat areas; don't use it for detailed work or areas non-flat areas, such as where siding protrudes on your home.

If you are getting ready to paint your home, these tips can help. Always remember, you can hire exterior painters if you'd rather save on time and energy. 

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