Workday Blues? Brighten Up Your Workday By Painting Your Home Office Blue

Working from home has many advantages, but the most exciting advantage is you get to choose how to design and decorate your workspace. If you find yourself dreading another workday, it may be a sign your home office needs a makeover. One sure way to banish the workday blues is to let the color blue transform your office into a workspace that's both serene and cheerful.

Hues of blue

Before you call your paint contractor, you should decide on a paint color that will work well for your office space. Take into consideration the light in the room and how the color changes in natural daylight and artificial light. Obtain paint samples from your local paint store and try them in several small areas on your wall.

Observe how the color changes according to the lighting in the room. A paint that looked blue in the store may appear gray in your office due to changes in lighting. Blues can also take on a greenish appearance in certain rooms depending on lighting and the hue of the paint.

Soft and subtle shades of blue promote a feeling of serenity whereas bold blues are more energizing. Consider using a combination of light and dark blues to achieve a balance of calmness and cheerfulness in your office. Teal hues are a great office choice due to their green and blue tones that are both soothing and energizing.

Contrasting blues

No matter what color of blue you choose, you will need to turn to other colors to add contrast and keep the room balanced. Consider using white trim with blue walls or paint the ceiling blue and the walls white to create a unique and cheerful workspace. Choose office furniture in white or light natural wood tones to keep a blue room from becoming too dark.

For a modern look, consider a light, smokey blue for walls and provide contrast with navy blue furniture. Area rugs are another good option for providing contrast in a blue office, but you should avoid solid colors. Choose a rug with two or more colors in the design to add a cheerful pop of contrast to your blue office.

Bringing blue into your home office is a great way to lift your workday mood. Blue's soothing hues have a natural tendency to promote calmness, which will help you focus on the tasks at hand, but blue is also uplifting and cheerful. If you're struggling with workday motivation, painting your office blue may be the best remedy for banishing the blues.

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