Choosing A Paint Sheen For Your Commercial Spaces

When it comes to choosing paint, the color is just one part of the process. As you select paint for your business, you also have to think about sheen. Here are some of the factors you should keep in mind to ensure you choose a sheen that is durable and complementary. 

High-Traffic Areas

When it comes to high-traffic areas, it's especially important for you to choose paint with the right type of sheen. High-traffic spaces, such as a waiting room or employee break area, have an important detail in common — they are prone to grime and dirt. This grime and dirt can collect on the wall and cause the space to look unkept and even alter the appearance of the color of the wall. 

For these high-traffic areas, you want to choose a paint with a high gloss sheen. The high gloss sheen not only helps to bring the color of the wall to life, but it also makes the area easier to clean, even if you need to scrub the area. Paints in other types of sheen are harder to clean.

Textured Surfaces

If you need to paint an area in your business where the wall is textured or an area where the wall has subtle damage, you probably want to choose a paint with a flat sheen. Flat paints have surfaces that don't reflect light, which makes it easier to mask any imperfections along the surface.

However, it's very important that you don't use these types of paints in high traffic areas like those listed above, as a flat sheen is almost impossible to clean. Even the slightest amount of scrubbing on this type of wall will lead to paint damage. 

Less Common Areas

High-gloss paints sometimes cost more money than other paint selections, so it's a good idea to seek an alternative for those areas in your business that need to be painted but aren't exactly high-traffic. A private office or conference room typically fit into this category. 

For these areas, paint with a satin sheen is the better choice. Satin paint has a slight shine that is reminiscent of satin, but it is more challenging to clean. For this reason, this paint selection is a great choice for areas that only require cleaning occasionally to avoid damage to the paint. 

To ensure you make the right selection, partner with a commercial painting contractor in your area. 

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