Plan Your Commercial Painting Project Well In Advance And Make Customer Safety A Priority

Painting your store is a huge undertaking, especially if you have a large building. However, keeping the paint clean and fresh is important for making a good impression on your customers. To get the best results with few problems, start planning the job well in advance and meet with your painter to develop a plan for doing the work. Here are some tips for painting your building.

Plan The Job For A Slow Time

One reason to plan ahead is so you can schedule the work for a slow time. This could be a slow time of year, a slow day of the week, or on a weekend when you're normally closed. If your store is open 24-hours, then you may need to use a commercial painter that works during the night and has a plan for doing the work in sections.

You'll also need to consider the outdoor temperature if you'll have the exterior of your building painted. While winter may be a slower time for your business and a good time to paint, the weather might be too cold then. Your commercial painter can help you choose the right time to paint and also come up with an approach that gets the job done quickly with very little disruption.

Consult A Color Expert

If you're thinking of changing the colors of your interior or exterior paint, be sure to consult a color expert first. Your painter might have someone on staff to provide advice about color. You'll want to consider trends as well as brand associations and color psychology. Colors that might work well for a shop that sells snack foods might not be appropriate if your shop sells high-end clothing.

Invest In Quality Paint

Talk to your commercial painter about the right type of paint and primer to use. Follow their experienced advice concerning coverage and durability of different types of paint rather than go by price. The best paint costs more, but it looks better for longer and covers old paint better. It's usually worth the cost to pay for quality paint for the most professional looking job.

Make Customer And Employee Safety A Priority

A commercial painting company often has a large crew so several people can get to work and finish the job quickly. However, it the painters work during business hours, it's important to make the safety of your customers and employees a top priority. It may be easy to block off employee offices so they aren't near the area being painted, but it will take extra work and planning to block off parts of your store with plastic curtains to keep shoppers away from ladders and wet paint.

However, a commercial painter deals with situations like this every day, so you can rest easy knowing your customers are in good hands even when the work has to go on during business hours.

For more information, contact a commercial painting service today.

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